Monday, April 20, 2009

A Good Story

Set in 1939, the movie Australia tells the tale of an English aristocrat, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), who inherits a cattle station down under. She reluctantly joins forces with a rough-hewn cattleman named “Drover” (Hugh Jackman) with whose help she drives her cattle across hundreds of miles of unforgiving landscape only to get caught in the Japanese bombing of the town of Darwin. Early in the movie there’s a dialogue between the two:

Drover: “All I own I can fit into my saddlebag. I’m not saying it’s for everyone.”

Lady Ashley: “Definitely not for everyone.

Drover: “Most people like to own things. You know, land, luggage, other people. Makes them feel secure, but all that can be taken away, and in the end the only thing you really have is your story. I’m just tryin’ to live a good one.”

Think about that for a minute. The only thing you really have is your story. Are you trying to live a good one? 

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